Walking Staff Project

So on a completely non-filmmaking-related note, I made a walking staff last week.

I wanted something to do that didn’t require me sitting in front of a computer for once, so I found the straightest pine sapling I could find, and probably close to twenty feet tall and the perfect width almost the entire way.  I took an axe to that sucker, and got two staff-lengthed pieces out of it.

I let the pieces sit upright and start drying out overnight.  The next day, I took the longer of the two pieces and started whittling the bark off.  I forgot to time myself, but I’m guessing it took half hour to an hour.  Since I don’t have a handsaw, and I didn’t want to use any power tools on this, I used a chisel to take off the jagged ends.

I let the naked stick sit out overnight, and I sanded it down the next day.  I used five different coarsenesses of sandpaper, progressively finer each time. Viola!  Ain’t she a beaut?

Before and after

And, because I’m a nerd…

As Linkara would say, I AM A MAN!!!

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