Irons in the Fire

So I’ve got a cold right now, and can’t really do much work-wise.  But I’m too awake to sleep, so I was reading an article in Post magazine about social media.  That got me to thinking about all the websites and social media profiles I have, and how scattered and disjointed or redundant they can all feel.  So I decided to list all the sites and profiles I’ve got (that I can remember at the moment!).  Well, this is list is so huge, I just have to share. 😛

My personal website and blog, featuring my acting and crew resumes and demos.  A place for occasional long-form personal thoughts and sharing my latest projects.

Twitter – @ZackLawrence
My personal Twitter account, similar goal as my website, granted in much shorter form.  A place where I can be more personal and don’t have to act professional 100% of the time. (i.e. geek out over Doctor Who and Star Wars. :P)

Again, like my Twitter, a place where I can post shorter, personal stuff.  I try to keep my friends list to just people I actually know.

I don’t use this very often, but I’m on there.


My LinkedIn profile.  It’s got my resume, and I’ll post status updates occasionally.

A social network for filmmakers.  I’m not too active on here, mostly because I keep forgetting to log on. 😉

My video production and web design company’s website.  Here I blog about Standing Sun Production’s latest videos, post demos and attract clients.

Standing Sun Facebook Page
Short-form posts about projects, sharing work-related news, and starting conversations with those that Like the page.  Right now my post popular page with 160 fans.
Website where I post video and written reviews of independent Christian movies and shows.

Indy Christian Review Facebook Page and Twitter – @IndyChrstnRevu
Daily or every-other-day posts about Christian movies and links to my reviews.
Website that hosts Christian web series episodes.  We’re always looking for more shows to join the Network.  Indy Christian Review episodes can be found here.

Ichthus Network Facebook Page
Mostly repeat content, but also where the latest news about upcoming show episodes can be found.
Official website of my upcoming web series In His Steps

In His Steps: The Series Facebook Page and Twitter – @InHisStepsShow
Production updates and behind the scenes info
Official website of my short film Ragged Edge, the prequel to In His Steps.

Ragged Edge Facebook Page
Take a guess what this is for. 😉
Website for my alter ego Unlce Bob.  If you like bizarre hillbilly humor, check him out.  He’s also got a Facebook Page.
Website for my in-production animated short Sir Magnus and the Dragon.  I bet you won’t be surprised to find out this also has a Facebook Page!
Website for a top-secret fantasy project I’m working on.  That’s right, top-secret.  I’m not saying anymore, and I’m not saying that it has a Facebook page and Twitter – @Delantare


I’ve got so many channels on YouTube (plus redundant ones on Vimeo and GodTube) they deserve their own category!

ZackLawrenceShow – Skits and music
TheLawOfZack – Personal video blogs
LeonaPrime01 – My original channel, now just a place for my stop-motion animation Transformers series.
UncleBobVids – Uncle Bob’s channel
ZackLawrenceAudition – Where I post my video auditions for movies
StandingSunVids – Business videos and trailers
InHisStepsTheSeries –The official In His Steps channel
IndyChristianReview – The official Indy Christian Review  YouTube channel. (But don’t watch them there, watch them on!)
IchthusNetwork – Ichthus Network’s channel
Delantare – Channel for that top-secret fantasy project.

So, yeah, think I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire?

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