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SBH Business & Tech Stories YouTube Channel
(6 videos)
Voiceover ArtistSBH Media
Compact ChristianYouTube Channel
(29 videos)
Voiceover ArtistMichael Goldberg
Standing Sun PoetryYouTube Channel (ongoing)Voiceover Artist/EditorStanding Sun Productions
Weight Loss PrimerYouTube Channel
(16 videos)
Voiceover ArtistGiorgio Aprile
What are Christians?Streaming Series
(6 episodes)
Writer/Director/D.P./Editor/HostStanding Sun Productions
Doctor Who: The HunterFan Audio DramaWriter/Producer/LeadThe Hourglass Universe
Uncle Bob Makes Dinner AgainShortWriter/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
Alone in the FogShortWriter/Editor Standing Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
Searching for PeaceShortWriter/EditorRocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
CountdownShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Reflections of ThankfulnessShortD.P./EditorStanding Sun Productions
Thanksgiving WithoutShortAssistant Director/EditorChristian Filmmakers Camp
Uncle Bob vs The Psycho ClownShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Uncle Bob’s Story Time: The Angel of the OddShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Hope AlertShortWriter/A.D./Editor/NarratorStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
InterrogationShortWriter/A.D./Editor/SupportingStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
Couch PotatoShortWriter/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Codex MythicaSeries PilotSupporting (V.O.)Ravynheart Studios
The Doctor Meets a JediFan Film ShortWriter/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Candle Jack Mock TrailerFan Film ShortWriter/Director/Editor/SupportingStanding Sun Productions
What’s LeftShortWriter/Director/Editor/FeaturedStanding Sun Prod./Double Edge Pictures
The Pastor’s HouseTV PilotScript Revisions/Editor/Various Character Voices/PuppeteerFamilies for Christ Ministries
Pop Culture SlowpokeShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Delantare: The Whistlin’ KidShortWriter/Director/Editor/Featured (V.O.)Standing Sun Productions
Uncle Bob’s Story Time: The Pirate and the SistersShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
LonelinessShortWriter/EditorStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
The Characters of Indy Christian ReviewShortWriter/Editor/NarratorStanding Sun Productions
Delantare: The FutureShortWriter/Editor/NarratorStanding Sun Prod.
Short Films: The Long TakeStreaming Series
(4 episodes)
Writer/Producer/Editor/HostStanding Sun Prod./Storytellers
Milk and OrangesShortEditorRocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Return on InvestmentShortWriter/Editor/FeaturedStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
Doctor Who: Servant of the TricksterFan Film ShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Felicia’s PledgeShortWriter/EditorStanding Sun Prod./Christian Filmmakers Camp
Xing: The Land BeyondVideo GameFeatured (V.O.)White Lotus Interactive
Free: A Delantare StoryShortWriter/Producer/Director/EditorStanding Sun Productions
Indy Christian ReviewStreaming Series
(105 episodes)
Writer/Producer/HostStanding Sun Prod.
Kingdom ComeTV SeriesDirector/D.P./EditorKingdom Impact Ministry
Experimental Short Film #2ShortD.P./EditorZack Lawrence Films
Experimental Short Film #1ShortDirector/D.P./EditorZack Lawrence Films
Changing MajorsShortDP/Editor/FeaturedDir. Rebekah Cook
The NameShortA.D./EditorRocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Other GodsShortA.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Oncoming TruckShortWriter/A.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
The DinnerShortWriter/A.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Distracted PrayerShortWriter/A.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Secret ShopperShortWriter/A.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Hagan ReviewsStreaming Series
(2 episodes)
Guest Co-hostGeneration Hex
FulfillmentShortLeadDir. Tim Nolte
In His StepsFeatureWriter/Producer/Director/Editor/FeaturedStanding Sun Productions
Doctor Who: Family ReunionFan Film ShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Does Ketchup Go With ThisStreaming Series
(17 episodes)
Producer/Editor/HostStanding Sun Productions
Only On SundayShortEditor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Uncle Bob’s Canadian CousinShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
The Storyteller: A New Hat? MinisodeShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Hoarders S6.E4TV SeriesProduction AssistantScreaming Flea Prod.
The Call: Your Silver Screen AdventureShortDirector/D.P./Editor/SupportingLeadership Vision
Uncle Bob Meets PiratesShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin S2.E24TV SeriesSound Recordist (uncredited)Litton Entertainment
ChoicesShortA.D./Editor Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Gaffer ManShortWriter/Director/Editor/LeadStanding Sun Productions
IndescribableFeatureGafferThorn Crown Project
Blessings MissedShortEditor/Lead Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Ragged EdgeShortWriter/Producer/Director/EditorStanding Sun Productions
The Door BackwardsShortLeadDir. Stacie Graber
Dad the Hero On VacationFeatureCamera AssistantTake 7 Films
The ButtonShortSupporting (V.O.)Dir. Samuel Klejwa
John’s MiracleShortCamera Op./A.D./Editor/Lead Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Uncle Bob Meets The DoctorShortWriter/Director/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
The Wartleys Season 2Streaming Series
(3 episodes)
Recurring (V.O.)Dir. David Evans
Jericho: The Promise FulfilledShortSupporting (V.O.)Dir. Anthony Rondina
An American Fan of Doctor WhoShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Talk Like a Pirate Day with Cowhead the PirateShortDirector/Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Hearing GodShortCamera Op./A.D./Editor/Supporting Rocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Uncle Bob Goes to a CarnivalShortDirector/Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Transformers ObsessionShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
3N News: The HunkyShortSupportingDir. David Korner
Cooking with Uncle Bob: Cheese CrispsShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
CoulrophobiaShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
The Princess Bride Spoof: The Pit of DespairShortWriter/D.P./Editor/LeadZack Lawrence Films
Father/Child ProjectsTV PilotD.P./EditorFamily Gravity Media
The Call of CourageShortVFXDallas Christian Filmmakers
The Courtship FormulaDocumentaryWriter/Director/D.P./Editor/HostLawrence Multimedia
Uncle Bob Makes DinnerShortEditor/LeadRocky Mt. Christian Filmmakers Camp
Gallagher’s HurricaneFeatureCamera OperatorDir. Michael Edmonson
Close EncountersShortWriter/Director/EditorLawrence Multimedia
Welcome Home Antelope ValleyTV SeriesD.P./EditorLawrence Multimedia
Gaelic KnightsShortWriter/Director/Editor/SupportingZack Lawrence Films
The Pastor’s HouseTV PilotD.P./Editor/FeaturedFamilies for Christ Ministries

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