My final short film of 2020 is here!

An assassin is sent to plant a bomb to kill the mayor, but a mother and child are in the way. As time ticks down to the explosion, the assassin must decide what to do.

And with that, we’ve finished what we set out to do: 12 short films in 12 months! Thank you to everyone that has watched and enjoyed the movies, and a MASSIVE thank you to the cast, crew, and Patrons that have made all this possible!


Zack Lawrence as The Bomber
Sam Collier as The Boss
Natalie Lawrence as The Mother
“Buddy” Lawrence as The Child
Tatum Pfeiffer as The Barista
Nic Spatafore as The Mayor

Written & Directed by Zack Lawrence
Based on a scenario by Alfred Hitchcock
Associate Producer – Doc Benson
Director of Photography – Paul Strople ►
Special Thanks – Eric Palumbo, Cimarron Coffee Roasters ►
Special Thanks to my Patrons – Jeffrey Lee Hollis, Jarod O’Flaherty, Tim Nolte, Ken Lawrence
Music by, used with permission

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