I Made a New Sound Booth!

I needed to upgrade my voiceover setup, and found a fairly inexpensive DIY option.

Here are the plans I worked off of: https://vocalboothtogo.com/printable-assembly-instructions-custom-diy-pvc-vocal-booth-frame/

It was a pretty simple construction with a ¾” PVC pipe frame and using 72″x80″ moving blankets for the walls. Because the article didn’t give specific measurements, I’ll share them here!

  • 78″ lengths x8
  • 44″ lengths x2
  • 28″ lengths x7
  • 6″ lengths x16
  • 90° elbows x10
  • Tees x10
  • 4-way Side Outlet Tees x4

Not soundproof by any means, but it’s definitely a baby step in the right direction! When I can afford it, I think the next step will be hanging a second set of moving blankets to the inside walls, adding another layer of sound diffusion/dampening. In the meantime, I can pretend I’ve got a soft-walled TARDIS! 😉

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