Family Reunion (Doctor Who fan film)

The Doctor receives a distress call from his granddaughter, Susan. Will he be able to save her from an attack by Dalek puppets?

Written & Directed by Zack Lawrence
Rebekah Cook as First Susan
Madison Perkins as Second Susan
Stacey Bradshaw as Third Susan
Zack Lawrence as The Doctor
Max Caudell as Dalek Puppet 1
Dave Shaver as Dalek Puppet 2

With a special cameo by Uncle Bob!
TARDIS console by Dave Shaver –
Spinning TARDIS by Rob Ritchie –

Doctor Who remix music from
All other music from SmartSound royalty-free music libraries.

The producer would like to apologize if our attempts at British accents were in any way painful for actual British people to hear.

This production is fan-made, and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with the BBC.

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