Late Night Voice Over - Zack Lawrence Vlog

Late Night Voice Over

Filmed a new Patreon video and recorded some voice over. I’d say it was a productive week! Paul Strople’s channel:

Zack Larence Video Game and Animation Voice Acting Reel

Video Game and Animation Voice Over Reel

Check out my new video game and animation voice acting reel! Features clips from my roles of Sarid in Xing: The Land Beyond, The King of Jericho in Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled, Tony Lai in The Wartleys, and Him in The Button.

Mr. Nezzer Voice Impression - Zack Lawrence

Mr. Nezzer Voice

I grew up on Veggie Tales. I like Mr. Nezzer’s voice, but couldn’t find the classic “Rack, Shack, & Benny” scene, so I went with his Buzzsaw Louie commercial from The Toy that Saved Christmas. Enjoy! Save Save Save