Candle Jack Mock Trailer

Nowhere to run, no turning back, when you speak the name of Candle Jack!

When an ancient evil resurfaces, causing mass disappearances, one man sets out on a journey to defeat the boogey man and rescue those that have been taken. But will he lose his sanity in the process and… freak out? Presented in groundbreaking Scream-O-Vision technology!

This video is a fan-made mock trailer parody based on the Amblin Television and Warner Brothers Animation series Freakazoid. There is no full length film planned, it’s a fake trailer. 😉

Special thanks to Renaissance Springs Ranch ►

Behind the Scenes


  • Written & Directed by Zack Lawrence
  • Yash Dyer as Jeff Hollis
  • Tatum Pfeiffer as Sarah Cosgrove
  • Nic Spatafore as the Detective
  • Weena Mercator as the Hopping Woman
  • Featuring Jordan Pfeiffer, Caleb Pfeiffer, and Bubbles Lawrence
  • Candle Jack costume by Zack’s Wifey Dearest & Liz Colvin
  • Special Thanks to Paul Strople, Doc Benson, Jeffrey Hollis, Jarod O’Flaherty, Ken Lawrence, Tim Nolte
  • Music by Used with permission.
  • Spot Emmitt Nervend two times in this video.
  • Copyright 2020 Standing Sun Productions, LLC

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