Felicia’s Pledge

It’s finally done! πŸ™‚

Inspired by her cousin Rachel, Felicia Sterling sets out to try to Β follow the “What Would Jesus Do” pledge for herself, and encounters her Β own set of difficulties.

I wrote this follow-up short film to be the project for the 2016 Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers & Actors Camp. Β Ever since Rich Swingle (who played John Gray in In His Steps) started teaching the Actors Camp with us, I’ve wanted to do something In His Steps-related that could include him and my dad (Ken Lawrence, who plays Pastor Maxwell) since, you know, we had both of them there!

The biggest challenge in writing was making sure it had enough scenes for each of the film camp students to direct, and enough parts for each of the acting camp students to have a substantial role so that they all could apply what they were learning. Β It took a few years, but I was finally able to come up with a story based on the characters from the second half of the book, which, to my knowledge, have never been adapted to film before!

Everyone except for Felicia’s female friends and the homeless girl are all characters featured in the book. Plot-wise, the only elements I used were:

  • Felicia being the only member of her family who takes the WWJD pledge
  • Pastor Calvin Bruce knowing Henry Maxwell from seminary
  • Felicia’s mother not being present with the rest of the family due to an illness (not stated explicitly in the film, but the actors were given that bit of info to help build their characters)

Beyond that, it’s all original story. Β Hope you enjoy it!

You can see my behind the scenes vlog from that camp by clicking here.

Felicia's Pledge - In His Steps Sequel by Standing Sun Productions and the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp

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