Next week I’ll be on the set of a feature film being produced by my friends the Joneses (well, one of them is actually a Graber now.  Congrats, Stacie!).  I’ll be the gaffer, or “chief lighting technician” as it’s sometimes called.  I’m looking forward to the shoot, and to working with some amazing people.  What I’m not looking forward to is spending a month in Texas in July this time.  I’ll try not to whine about the heat/humidity so much this go round, but no guarantees. 😉

Anyways, here’s a press release they’ve sent out.  Check out their website, like them on Facebook, enter their video contest, and show your support for these amazing people and their film!

Two Men…
Eight Centuries…
One Song.

Feet pounding down a narrow lane. This couldn’t be happening, not here, not now.

An old Rabbi, full of life and energy, teaching his young class of boys looks up to see the panting messenger burst through the gateway.

“Rabbi, the Crusade… the crusaders are coming!”

It’s 1096 and our story has begun…

Indescribable is an Independent Christian film being produced by a non-profit organization. Our mission with this story is to encourage young people with practical ways to love God and other people.

Indescribable tells the story behind the hymn “The Love of God” through the eyes of the author’s ten year old son. Through the excitement of the Great War, the challenges of financial difficulties and renegade Crusader violence, Indescribable spans eight centuries to bring a timeless story of the love of God to young people today.

Ways you can get involved:

First of all we greatly covet your prayers. Making a film is a big undertaking and we need God to work through us to bring this about.

You can visit the website to learn more about the project

And subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.

You can also find us on facebook

There are some fun things going on over at the youtube channel as well, where we have a video contest with prizes.

Please tell you friends and help us spread the word.

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