Does Ketchup Go With This? - S'mores - Hosted by Zack Lawrence

Does Ketchup Go With This – S’Mores

Marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker… and ketchup?!Β  The Grand Master of the Order of Ketchup returns with a test of how the classic campfire treat s’mores tastes with ketchup on it! Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp Filmed by Paul Leavitt. Performed by Zack Lawrence Copyright 2015 Standing Sun Productions, LLC.

Filming the film camp short John's Miracle


I’m getting restless. We’re getting super close to the time on In His Steps where I’ll have to send the movie off to someone else to work on, and I’ll be left with nothing to do for a time. Oh sure, there’s behind the scenes and promotional stuff to work on, but it’s not the …

Start Small

Originally posted on In 2007 I was going to embark on directing my first feature film project.Β  I’d written a script, read a couple books, and made some short YouTube videos starring myself.Β  Surely I was ready for the tremendous undertaking of directing a ninety minute movie, right? I learned pretty quickly, as you …