St. Patrick’s Day Countdown!

In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve been posting a video on YouTube everyday since Sunday.  Videos of what, you ask?  Why, Celtic music, of course! To keep up do date on when I upload a new video, subscribe to my YouTube channel,!

Ragged Edge on DVD!

“Ragged Edge” DVDs are now available! Bonus features include: Behind the Scenes Featurette Blooper Reel Trailers Downloadable movie poster Visit to pick up your copy today!

Ragged Egde is Done!

It’s been a couple months longer than expected, but Ragged Edge is finally complete!  I’ve started sending it out to film festivals, so we’ll see how it does.  DVDs will be going on sale February 21st.  You can become a fan of Standing Sun on Facebook to be the first to know the moment it’s …

My Latest Project –

On the 18th, I started a new website called It’s a site for reviews of independent Christian films.  Why only indy Christian films?  Well, there’s plenty of other Christian review sites like and that review the latest Hollywood releases, but the area of the independent films seems sorely lacking in this area.  …

Vlog – It Came!

I got my DVD copy of The Door Backwards today!  See my thoughts in the video below. You can buy the DVD at and be sure to check out more from Morning Star Productions at! Watching the behind the scenes and outtakes really took me back to that sweltering Texas July. (Yes, I …